Monday, November 17, 2014

Lee from Cloven Hoof: top metal albums of 2014

Metal Bulletin Zine asked Lee, founder of NWOBHM veterans Cloven Hoof to name his top metal albums of 2014 and this is Lee's response:
Here are my favourites so far from 2014 in no particular order...
Accept - Blind Rage
This is the best album with Mark Tornillo on lead vocals. Accept is able to take traditional metal elements and integrate it with a somewhat updated style. I have loved this band since the 1980's and they never disappoint, Balls to the Wall and Metal Heart were an all time classics!
Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls
Ignore the hype this is not one of Priest best ever albums but it still kicks ass! KK has left the fold, however his replacement Richie Faulkner does a fine job. They are still evolving and keep on delivering the goods, long may they continue to do so.
Hammerfall - ( r ) Evolution
Swedish metallers Hammerfall has the perfect blend of old school and the best that power metal has to offer. Great solos and vocals are throughout this release and the song arrangements are cool too.
Iced Earth - Plagues of Babylon
Plagues of Babylon is an excellent album that will please the fans of traditional metal, thrash and power metal. Stu Block is a great vocalist and Jon Schaffer has really dug deep to make an outstanding opus.
Cloven Hoof - Resist or Serve
Well excuse the bias but it is a really cool album so buy it you metal maniacs!!! Every song has it's own unique identity and style. Ace producer Patrick Engel has really brought our true dynamics out on this one. Joe's guitar playing and vocals are awesome and there are some really good individual performances from everyone. So we are really proud of it; all killers and no fillers!
Take care and see you in 2015 everyone!
Yours in metal
Lee / Cloven Hoof

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