Monday, November 24, 2014

the traditional metal of Mastercastle (Italy): Enfer (De La Bibliothèque Nationale) (Scarlet Records)

Mastercastle (Italy): Enfer (De La Bibliothèque Nationale) (Scarlet Records)
Mastercastle’s uptempo, rocking “neoclassical shred prog traditional melodic metal” is fueled by the combination of Pier Gonella’s virtuoso guitar playing and Giorgia Gueglio’s singing. This is the band’s fifth album and they sound as fresh as when they first came out with their debut “The Phoenix” in 2009. They sound better than ever; everything sounds better; the melodies, the singing, the shredding and the songwriting. The guitar player Pier Gonella must be one of the hardest-working guitar players in all of Italy. With Mastercastle, Pier shows all of his guitar honor for full display, like a grand duke of the guitar realm. As it turns out, Pier plays guitar for a bunch of bands and projects because Pier is a guitar vampire and he does not sleep. How else would it be possible to play guitar in Mastercastle, and in thrashers Necrodeath, and the other bands? Metal Archives lists the following bands with Pier as a member: Mastercastle, Necrodeath, Athlantis, Perseo Miranda, Vanexa, Wild Steel, in addition to being an ex-member of Labyrinth, Synthphonia Suprema, Odyssea, Amazing Maze. However, listening to the quality and melodies of this album, one gets the impression that Mastercastle is his most beloved baby.
The bassist Steve Vawamas and drummer Francesco La Rosa are also experienced musicians, as current and past members of more than several bands. In essence, this rhythm section seals the deal: the sheer amount of musicianship in this band is phenomenal. The freshness and smoothness of the album demonstrates this matter amply.
Of course, when you have a singer like Giorgia, once she puts her stamp a song, every song will sound like a hit. If you are interested in Mastercastle, but you do not want to be disappointed with one of those bands that writes one metal song and the rest are not metal or are songs that are filler, fear not, Mastercastle is no trick. With Mastercastle we are in the area of skill and experience that the listener that appreciates traditional talent will accept easily. The band keeps getting better and better. Make sure to hear for yourself, specially if you like listening to singing and guitar-centered songs.
Mastercastle - The Castle
MASTERCASTLE - 'Enfer' official video
Mastercastle - live 2013 - Dangerous Diamonds

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