Monday, November 24, 2014

from the state of Washington: ZERO DOWN: No Limit to the Evil (Minotauro Records)

Zero Down: No Limit to the Evil (Minotauro Records)
This band is from the state of Washington and has four full-length albums, including this one called “No Limit to the Evil” from 2014. What a curious, interesting mix this band is! Sounds like mixing classic Thin Lizzy with The Exploited. Or, if you like, Thin Lizzy/Iron Maiden guitar melodies with The Exploited/Motorhead punk rock and roll.
You would think that it sounds weird because, for one thing, Thin Lizzy/Iron Maiden guitar melodies are too polished for street/bar rock. Then, let’s be honest, lots of punks tend to be arrogant about a band like Thin Lizzy and traditional metal/rock. There is a reason why punks and metalheads haven’t always gotten along, and why the fights have taken place, whether in London, England or in Houston, Texas.
Sometimes, though, metal and punk do get along in one band: Zero Down. The singer sounds like a street metal singer, like a NWOBHM band. The guitar players sound obsessed with Thin Lizzy and also a bit more of Thin Lizzy. Then, for the backing vocals the whole band sounds like a bunch of street-fighting punks. “Let’s do backing vocals like a street punk band,” they said, and they did. The guitar solos sound very rock and roll. You know, classic rock, classic metal and maybe Motorhead all kind of just rolled up together in a dose of rocking metal punk.
Is this any good? I have been listening to this album a lot, and it sounds good and then it gets better and better, and then it just demands to be played and played again!!
Cannot find any songs online from this album yet, but here's an older song to give you an idea of Zero Down.
Zero Down - Battle at The Battle of the Bands (Official Video)

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