Friday, April 5, 2013

Savage (UK) review

Savage (U.K.): Sons of Malice (Minus2Zebra) Savage is the New Wave of British Heavy Metal band whose 1983 album “Loose ‘n’ Lethal” is held in regard by enthusiasts of the NWOBHM. Their song “Let it Loose” was covered by Metallica on their 1982 demo “Hit the Lights” (“Ron McGovney’s ’82 Garage demo”). Savage in 2013 is more of a blues/rock band, with some moments of hard rocking. Overall, though, this doesn’t have a bang-your-head energy. The drumming is very laid back, more in the style of The Rolling Stones or perhaps AC/DC. This drumming would benefit greatly from more energy and a bit of craziness. Unfortunately, it’s not just the drumming, the guitar playing and the vocals also would be better served if the Savage simply decided to live up to the heavy metal sound that earned them their reputation in the first place.

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