Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Conny Ochs; The Gathering; Wardruna

“Black Happy” by Conny Ochs features acoustic, folky, alternative-ity, maybe college rock-y sounds enjoyed by hippies and hipsters in Portland and Seattle. And Bellingham. Don’t forget Bellingham! Acoustic, acoustic, acoustic music for people who dislike shoes and showers. Look, just go here, and take those stupid shoes off. We don’t wears around here. www.connyochs.com
“Disclosure” by The Gathering hovers around something like prog poppy space rock. Mellow throughout, with no rocking in sight anywhere, this one is strictly for those into easy listening pretty sounds. www.thegathering.nl
Wardruna so far has two albums, and “Yggdrasil” here is the second one. Ambient chanting is the gist of the music. It’s also meditation music or for going to sleep or putting people to sleep or to play at a funeral, or for doing yoga, who knows? So, go get your pajamas, get your pillow, and get ready to snore. If you don’t go to sleep, that means you might have insomnia, amnesia or something which what or other one.www.wardruna.com

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