Saturday, April 6, 2013

Posthum (Norway) review

Posthum (Norway): Lights Out (Indie Recordings)
The inheritance of Norwegian black metal has proven to be a tremendous weight upon the shoulders of younger Norwegian metal musicians. Inescapable and inexorable, classic Norwegian black metal is the starting point for modern metal music in Norway.
True, perhaps not for Norwegian melodic metal bands.
Question: Name one Norwegian power metal band in your music collection?
In view of this situation, Posthum play a form of metal that shares some common elements with black metal, such as the vocals, the production values and a general vibe, like on “Red”, “Down on Blood” and a few other moments. However, Posthum is certainly not much of a black metal band, as their midpaced songs clearly show prog leanings, maybe punk, maybe classic rock.
Basically, the guitar work shows some other sounds that I am not qualified to talk about because I don’t listen to “postrock” or “posthardcore” or “djent” or “drone” or whatever the heck is meant by the idea of “beyond metal.”
“Postblack metal” or “Prog black metal” or something like that is the domain of Posthum.
“Post,” see what they did there?

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