Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Carry the Storm

Thanks to The Herminator, I finally get to hear Carry the Storm, a band whose name The Master seems to mention often during the concert calendar portion of the Sweet Nightmares radio show. To the music: there’s a fun energy in the songs, meaning that the enthusiasm of the band goes a long way towards getting across their sound. The songs are for rocking out, moshing, headbanging or for doing your daily routine of Rex Kwan Do. The band’s enthusiasm to join Texas groove metal with metalcore sensibilities shines through on here, in two main ways. First, the vocals have a Pantera “Cowboys from Hell/Vulgar Display of Power” shout/scream energy, in a fundamental vocal style of energetic midrange semi-growl borderline singing, though clearly not growling and not singing per se. Second, the guitar has both chugging/groove parts and the metalcore melodic notes, perhaps partly descended from Gothenburg/In Flames, too. Take note that Carry the Storm is good at their art: Pantera fans, metalcore/melodic growl metal fans, melodic thrash fans, and even the audience into bands like Disturbed would find something fun and catchy to rock.www.reverbnation.com/carrythestorm www.reverbnation.com/carrythestorm

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