Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Eyeconoclast stands out big time with their high quality death/thrash metal in “Drones of the Awakening.” The sound allows room to hear what the guitars are doing, and the excellent drumming cuts across very well; it’s a balanced mix and the ears will immediately notice how good the album sounds. Also, the guitar work grabs attention for the clarity, despite the fact that Eyeconoclast is a metal high-intensity, tight, blasting frenzy. It is difficult what Eyeconoclast has achieved: play very fast, and make the songs sound different from each other. Good drumming can often make or break an album, and this band has a drummer that sounds human, but the patterns, rhythms, blasts, rolls and all sorts of cuts, zigzags—the elbow grease—will make you like this album, if you like fast metal drumming that employs creativity, not just monotony. With Eyeconoclast it’s easy to hear good guitar solos, some melody, some thrashiness, and the vocals have personality and energy, not just burping into a microphone. This album has surprised way beyond expectations. Very recommended. www.eyeconoclast.it

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