Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dehuman; Destroyed In Seconds

In the case of Dehuman’s “Black Throne of All Creation” the blasting and massive death metal is progressive and the music gets better with each listen, given that there is a lot happening in the songs. For example, “Apocalypse and Perdition” has obvious black metal riffing, as well as prog, in a blasting death metal context, so labeling this does not work too well. Dehuman has some very good moments throughout the album, and the vocals are classic-style death metal, in a Death/Pestilence/Gorguts/Obituary way. Really, there are many positives to Dehuman and their enjoyable concoction of the massive, the intense and the musical. This is their debut, so they had a lifetime to put together this album. Their task now is to improve the songwriting/arranging to make the songs more memorable. After listening to this repeatedly, that’s one area where Dehuman will take their most important step. Right now, it is good, but this shows they have the wherewithal to focus on songwriting.
D.I.S. (Destroyed In Seconds) is for you if you want your music to sound dirty, unpleasant like a garbage dump and smelly like a city street (in a good way, of course), and “Becoming Wrath” will bring you smiles. Crust, death metal and punk crash into each other here, and sound like Stockholm-death metal buzzsaw guitar with crust vocals and a dirty punk musical sound: a growling, screaming, obnoxious racket, with a bit of a rock n roll edge in brief moments, like some of the soloing. “Crossover” is a label people use to describe DIS, but “crossover” to me means punk/thrash, and DIS is way, way more a crust/death metal monster: definitely heavier, nastier, with a bit of catchy rock and roll soloing.

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