Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sacred Steel (Germany) review

Sacred Steel (Germany): The Bloodshed Summoning (Cruz Del Sur Music) Sacred Steel is a particularly tight, energetic, thrashy heavy metal band, with no love songs/ballads, just headbanging heavy metal, song after song. The guitars rage, some melody added in selected places, and the drumming keeps the pounding going for the hour that comprises the album. The singer, one Gerrit P. Mutz, has a gritty vocal style, with a thrash energy, some growling and screaming, with plenty of melodic singing, too. In that sense, Mutz’s performance is a varied effort, and done well in all counts. Sacred Steel, by the way, seems to be hated by the critics. Rarely do you see a metal band that gets ridiculed as much as Sacred Steel. The crime? Playing heavy metal unashamedly, with a vocalist that is not afraid to scream, belt it out and rage. The complaining is pretty stupid, actually. Listen to this album, if you want something along the lines of thrashy, no-nonsense heavy metal, with songs for headbanging. They really do just about everything that there is to be done in heavy metal: play fast, loud, energetically, melodically, shred, have hooks, good solos, play uptempo, and do it all with an enthusiasm that is contagious. This is without a doubt, a high quality heavy metal album. I have no idea what the complaining is I have enjoyed this album a lot. This one is worthy of coming back to again and again.

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