Thursday, February 18, 2010

Six Feet Under (U.S.)

Six Feet Under (U.S.): Graveyard Classics 3
This is an album of covers of songs like “A Dangerous Meeting” by Mercyful Fate, “At Dawn They Sleep” by Slayer, “On Fire” by Van Halen, “Psychotherapy” by Ramones, “Not Fragile” by Bachman Turner Overdrive (who?), etc.
The growling is a monotonous, low growl bark with little feeling, no dynamics, etc. It is a consistent low bark that sounds the same for all the songs, regardless if it’s supposed to be Mercyful Fate or Ramones.
The guitar work sounds like a bar band “jamming” at karaoke night.
Some people hate covers because they think that cover-tribute bands use other people’s art and play inferior versions for the money and for the nostalgics, in that order. Yet for some other people, this is sort of a scam done with the hope of making money, plain and simple, to avoid working at a day job: “gotta keep your name out there with your product, selling your product.”
In contrast, others think it’s ok to work for a living at a day job, and not have rock star illusions. But just write your own songs.
Still, “for” others, “this” “music” “is” “funny.” This band “is” a “joke” “and” they like “to” “laugh.”

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