Friday, February 5, 2010

Fear Factory: Mechanize

Fear Factory (U.S.): Mechanize
This music relies on a very clicky, robotic, plastic sound: like it has a lot of loop and sample/cut and paste/studio effects going on. The guitar sounds very similar in each song and it’s those heavy-chunky-fat chugga-chugga-chugga guitar riffs that say “loud”, in the “nu metal”/“heavy/hard rock” ways. “Designing the Enemy” exemplifies the type of “angry-man rock” that they play at professional wrestling matches (or car racing or monster truck events, etc.) on television or like the kind of “hard rock” prevalent in cities where they play “contemporary hard rock” on the radio or television. The clean vocals sound very sampled, computerized and looped, so it’s hard to tell how real it all is.
“Metallic Division” is a case of a simple, play-on guitar choppy chug-chugg repeated over and over and over and over, with sampled sounds of industrial/machine shop noises. “Final Exit” has those computerized/distorted/robotic clean vocals again. The guitar is chugga-chugga-chugga over and over again; and there is the stop/start shouting over the “nu metal” guitar sounds.
“Oxidizer” is a more aggressive track, with more compact chugga-chugga guitar work. The guitar riff sounds like it is the same being used in all the other songs. For some it is “chuggchugg chuggchugg chug”; for others, “chugg chuggchugg chugg”; yet for others, “chugg chugg"; for others, “chuggchuggchugg chuggchugg chuggchugg,” etc.
The album is generally enhanced with background keyboard/synth/computer, industrial and machine noises; and some voice samples saying short phrases with comments about whatever is hip with some people who think about some things dealing with miscellaneous wanderings relating to whatever or such something or other like that, or thereabouts and stuff.

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