Thursday, February 25, 2010

Escape From (Poland); Godspit (U.S.)

Escape From (Poland): Opętani okrucieństwem
“Obsessed by Cruelty” is what the title means, according to the band. The lyrics are in Polish, with screamed-out vocals and growling, in the lexicon of speedy/brutal growl music, and with a dose of traditional thrash/death. Upfront, mosh-friendly, speedy growl metal is what’s in store for the four songs of this 15-minute recording. In addition, the guitar uses that heavy groovy style for the midtempo crunch for that moshy sound.
The overall energy is brutality, speed, mosh and groove, growl and screams. This is a positive step for the band as they develop their songs, craft and direction. They sound like have no shortage of energy so far.

Gödspit (Washington State, U.S.): EP
In this four-song e.p. they cover the song “The Hammer” by Motorhead. Their own songs sound very much like Motorhead. Speaking of influences, the say that it’s “Motorhead, that’s it, end of story”.
For Motorhead-freaks, almost exclusively maybe! It’s whisky-phlegm vocals and biker rock for a good time at the local bar. If interested, go to:

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