Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Deathfinest (Ohio, U.S.)

Deathfinest (Ohio, U.S.): Path ov Death
The drums and vocals are performed by King who is dad to the other two musicians on here, Raven (bass) and Frost (guitar) who are 15 years old at the time of this recording in 2009. This was recorded on the dad’s four-track cassette recorder. It’s very punk-like fast-and-slow growl music.
Deathfinest is rumbly, grinding, sometimes slow, very low guttural burp-and-pig-squeal noisy stuff. The vocals sound like wrestling match between a malevolent pig and an angry bear. This often sounds like one big burp.
Song number 9, “Death Stench” sounds like a pig vocalizing. Number 10, “Wretched Spawn,” all 56 seconds of it, sounds like it was recorded in a cave located below a grave where the dead say to themselves, “I can’t make out the instruments. And I’m dead!!”
Think sloppy rumble, basement recording: lo-fi minimalist stuff is way too fancy for Deathfinest: makes Mortician sound like fancy-studio music. How sloppy can things get? Apparently, very! And pig squeals.

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