Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Elathan (Spain)

Elathan (Spain): Atrac a otsirc
Think raw, minimalistic, barbed wire black metal recorded in a cave. Elathan is more lo-fi than that.
“For the nostalgic ones of the true black metal, Elathan is their group,” they claim. The vocalist Agagliareth goes for the angry-agonizing approach and she does very shrieked vocals, with a certain degree of painful throat abuse. It sounds like a lunatic-temper tantrum, screaming bloody murder in a most piercing noise.
Somebody give Elathan a prize for making irritation music an art form or someone call a house painter because this is peeling off the paint off the walls. Elathan is more lo-fi than that.
Murmur’s guitar is riding high on the tremolo riff. The lyrics are written and sung backwards for every song, sung backwards in Spanish. The effect is agony and pain, all the same. The lyric matter is totally obscurantist. Elathan here has very much that demo-quality sound that they are looking for: totally nasty-fugly-irritation lo-fi shriek music-noise. Elathan is more lo-fi than that.

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