Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dark Covenant (Canada)

Dark Covenant (Canada): Dark Covenant
Dark Covenant projects classic doom upon the landscape of this 22-minute, four-song extrapolation of swirling, plodding, double-bass, midpaced and uptempo, as well as sweeping slow-motion massive compositions.
Not funeral, not super slothful, not drone, but traditional, classically-inspired epic doom metal, the way Mr. Edling manifested in those most ancient of days of solitude near the well of souls, when those tales of creation of doom reached the gallows end. Dark Covenant has real singing that carries with it the atmosphere, the feeling of classic doom. No growling, no funny-human or farm-animal noises, but just singing like Mr. Edling has long ago determined.
What do you think about, when someone says “doom”? Do you think “boring, slow drumming”? Do you think, some human person who can’t sing? Do you think, no feeling, just slowness? Not Dark Covenant!! Think guitar solos, uptempo moments, good singing, and that feeling of a band fighting for its life to make good on their doom-promise and their love for Mr. Edling.
It’ be easy to write about each of the four songs: “Forever amongst the Ruins,” “Black Sun Rising,” “Perennial Solitude,” and “Black Raven,” (well, just look at those titles!), but this review has to end in the next few lines, as the deadline is today. However, the totality of the matter is that the recording sounds good (and this is a demo?!): good sound quality matters. In addition, the quality of the songwriting is undeniable, and the talent is undismissable. The result is songs that put dynamics into epic doom. In this process, Dark Covenant has scored a major victory. Hear the sounds of epic doom for yourself at:

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