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Conqueror (Costa Rica)


Conqueror (Costa Rica)
A review in issue number 23 said, speaking of the band’s “In the Depths of Darkness”:
The constant-strong use of guitar solos, and the recurring additional rhythm riffs—on top of what already are fire thrash/black metal riffs—and the dedication to well-arranged, longer songs puts Conqueror in a pretty distinctive spot: they stand out based on their guitar work.
The fact that they use solos a lot throughout the songs shows that extra step, beyond saying, “that’s good enough” and going further, for better than “good.”
The riffs are based-inspired on that particular sound of raw thrash/black sound, using the 80s influence, but that’s not where the band stops. Those riffs are then spiced up with additional spiral/tremolo/black/thrash riffs that intensify the songs, and give them extra atmosphere, making them more sinister than just speed, and more interesting, too.
The band has a great attitude reflecting the classic sound that encompasses black/death/thrash, with vocals of the black/death raw, early music of foundational German/Brazilian/U.S. bands. Some listeners will hear this or that particular influence, depending on one’s own experiences and likes, but the most important thing will be to hear for yourself. Why not? It’s worth investigating.
In this interview, the band refers to itself as “thrash.” However, this is not “party/beer thrash” or “zombie horror thrash” or anything like “jackass thrash”. There is an attitude, and a concentration of guitar work, that makes Conqueror what it is. Fernando, guitars and vocals, explains some more.
“In the Depth of Darkness” has many good riffs and guitar solos! What has occurred to Conqueror in Costa Rica since then?
Well first of all we want to thank you for inviting us to be part of this review, regarding In the depth of darkness it had a lot of success among the “thrash scene” here in Costa Rica, it brought a lot of people that wasn’t really aware that we existed. We’ve played in local bars, we a lot of awesome bands so invite the readers to come down here to visit a share with us some good metal head banging!!!

How can metallers get a copy of “In the Depths of Darkness”?
You can ask us directly in fact by myspace or through our e-mails: and we’ll send you the CD itself

You have a lot of guitar solos. How long have Sebastián and Fernando been playing guitar? How much do they practice? Does your bass player Jorge know how to play guitar, too?
I don’t practice that much because I’m kinda lazy, but Sebastian (Blacid) is a guitar freak, he practices all day every day, and in fact he has improved a lot since we recorded the CD, now we just finished recording the 2nd EP with a fasted way more violent thrash metal so we had to put a lot of effort into it. And Jorge (stick) doesn’t know how to play guitar.

“Attack the Church” you speak of things of religion. What do you think in particular made you write these lyrics? What about for “Messengers of Death”?!
Attack the church was written in a moment of anger when I was watching the news at home and I saw how fucked up is the world now, priests that are people that we “ should trust” are raping kids, stealing money and selling illusions, that’s not right so I decided to put an end to it by writing that song. Messengers of death is related to that last minutes of your life when you can’t feel nothing but pain and agony when your departing from this planet.

When you play live, do people in Costa Rica react crazily?
Hell yeah!! They mosh in a friendly and violent way because you know; everybody is there for the same reason to discharge pure energy and aggression. Every show is a different story we try to put a 110% on every gig that we play so if we have to go and slam with them we’ll do and if necessary, crack our heads open with them.

What are some bands from Costa Rica that you think are trying to make interesting metal music?
Voltage, Necrolisis, Demencia Eternal… those are some of the bands that we like the most because they, as well as us, are trying to bring the old stuff back to life.

When your drummer Jimmy Zumbado is playing live, what are some emotions or feelings that he has in mind?
Well, Jimmy is not playing with us anymore due to a lot of work and personal things that he had to accomplish while he was playing with us, so we let him go but we played a lot of times with him and we had a blast! Now we have a new drummer and we offer new material more aggression and violence!!!

Your song “War for Possessions” you say: “The people are killing each other / They are blind by the lies / Dying by a foolish desire / The thirst for blood.” How do you, as Costa Ricans and Latin Americans, view the U.S. government’s imperialist invasions?
Well, to be honest with you, I don’t think that any war is necessary and this one in specific was entirely because of monetary and territorial causes. The U.S is a country with a great power, but is taking advantage of it by attacking countries that are just a scapegoat to their issues. So I dislike those invasions, I dislike civil rights being violated by governments and also the misinformation that is given to the citizens, basically they hear what is most convenient to their government. They have to open their eyes and see the reality that’s in front of them!

Do you think that a revolution is necessary in the United States in order to change this greedy system controlled by the rich?
Of course we need a world revolution because we can’t just point all of those flaws to one country in specific. In Europe, in Asia, even here in Central and South America we are experiencing disgrace and corruption since a while back. We need to take what’s ours back! We need to be heard so that is the reason why we have this band to be a voice of a generation to address all of that to the world!!

How do you think that you can improve your music in the future?
By practicing and reading what is going on in the world right now!! We have to be part of a world change, NO MORE RACISM, NO MORE FASCISM, NO MORE CORRUPTION!!!

When do you plan to play in Houston, Texas?!
We want to go this year to the states to play, we are trying to get what’s necessary to go, but we have to wait because we’re trying to collect some money for the trip and everything! So right now if there’s any label interested don’t hesitate contacting us!! Well thanx a lot for this interview I had a great time answering to all the questions!! Cheers!!! Best of luck!!!! Resist, Fight, Thrash Metal Alive!!!!!! THE END.

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