Saturday, July 13, 2019

review: Sinheresy

Out Of Connection
Scarlet Records
26 July 2019
The Italian band, which began in 2009 by doing covers of the symphonic band Nightwish, issued its first demo in 2010 and quickly had its promising debut EP The Spiders and the Butterfly that was inevitably compared to the famous Finnish band. Fortunately, despite the criticism they pressed on to the debut album Paint the World (2013) and the comparisons to the Finns mostly stopped because the Italians were onto a different path by then. However, it wasn’t until 2017 that the next album Domino came out. Luckily, they have returned in a more timely manner with 2019’s Out of Connection. At this phase, they are very adept at their sound. The main goal, as the album shows, is very catchy, fun songs that appeal to a wide audience. They keep the compositions compact and direct, generally staying around the 3:30 to 4:30 mark, and only the last song pushes the duration to beyond seven minutes. Their music says they understand that many people want good, simple songs. The band is also aware of the efficiency of pop music. The keyboards, the catchy melodies, the soft nature of the music, the bounce that the songs have, the fun, dance feel, are all important in their objective. The big, catchy choruses of pop and heavy music meet up in this melodic, fan-friendly Europop metal that is feel-good, bouncing songs with big beats.
The album has male and female singing. The male voice is the lower, gentle, comfortable, midrange and melodic voice that is very appealing. The female voice is higher but stays at a soft comfortable zone, without going into screaming or things that cause irritation for some listeners. The combination, again, is very appealing. Some of the songs have a bit more guitar and others don’t have them very prominently for some segments. The guitars are there mainly for rhythm, and when possible, to add melodies that go hand in hand with the keyboards and the vocals. The drumming is gentle on the ears, and it’s not real, live drums but the sounds of modern/current computerized drumming. The entire work is based on the melding of pop-goth-symphonic components for a generally upbeat collection of songs, with a couple of exceptions, like the last track, a slower tune. The commercial potential has not been reached, not by a long shot. Once more fans hear this band, especially the fans who enjoy the lighter side of heavy rock, the popularity is going increase, perhaps much faster than expected.
SINHERESY - Out of Connection (Official Video)

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