Monday, July 8, 2019


In Oculis
May 19th, 2019
They are new to this publication, but this is their third album. They have two previous ones, in 2014 and 2016. Back in 2014 the music works a chugging groove with a strong deathcore component, having developed a good ability to launch into those headbobbing, catchy segments. Fast forward to 2019 to the third album and some changes have taken place, continuing from where the 2016 album ended. One change that is immediately noticeable is how the music has become much faster, and it seems so much more compact. For instance, there are now lots of speed or blasting moments as integral parts of the songs, something that back in 2014 is not happening.
Another difference is the transformation of the grooving deathcore elements. A careful listen shows that the deathcore seems to have gone in different directions. The band has ramped up the intensity to something much more recognizable as modern/current death metal. The 2019 album finds the grooving done at a faster tempo, but they have not abandoned the heaviness of their early music. Although it has changed in some important ways, only the big die-hard deathcore fanatics are going to complain. Other death and groove fans should be pretty pleased with how the band is coming along in developing its identity. In 2019, we have said that the straight deathcore has transformed, but the groove is not gone, and actually the song “Deprivation of Self” is a huge tip of the hat to the band’s love of deathcore because that song is great example of the band doing some proud deathcore all out. It’s definitely a cool moment.
A final interesting matter to consider is the rhythm/riff approach to death metal. Much death metal works with various forms of thrash-based guitar riffs. This French band uses huge chugging rhythms and grooves that originate from deathcore and have been sped up. If you hear the first album and then you hear the 2019 work it all makes a lot more sense as something that they have been perfecting for themselves for years. The overall sound is still rather listener-friendly. It’s not too busy nor overly technical or anything like that; it’s mainly attractive to fans looking for something to jam to, whether in car, at home, at the gym or a show.

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