Thursday, July 11, 2019

NEWS: The Last Martyr

NEWS: The Last Martyr is a band from Australia. Their EP Creatrix will be officially released in North America on the 9th of August, but it was already released back in April in Australia. Hear the entire recording at the Bandcamp link below. The music takes influences from metalcore, post-hardcore, djent, emo and other such modern genres for a melodic type of heavy rock.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION PROPAGANDA: The Last Martyr are Melbourne's newest melodic metal sensation and on August 9th will release their new EP 'Creatrix" officially in North America. The band's previous singles ‘Into The Black’, ‘Stay Awake’ and ‘Fear’ saw the band achieve national radio play on Triple j (Stay Awake on both The Racket and Home and Hosed) and rotation on The Faction. ‘Stay Awake’ also attracted the attention of Butcher Babies’ Heidi, who added them to her ‘Sisters That Slay’ playlist alongside the world’s best female voices in heavy music.
The Last Martyr recently debuted their live show at the gender-diverse festival UsFest, where Hysteria Mag said that they “…brought an infectious energy to the Girls Rock! stage for their first performance EVER. Swinging guitars, high jumps and headbanging anchored their set—and that was all it took the get the crowd moving. Good stuff.”
They followed this with another debut performance, this time in Melbourne May 4th at Stay Gold, supporting Darkcell where Metal Obsession stated: “A highly entertaining show that their throng of fans appreciates no end. There is a big future ahead for this band if they want it badly enough.”
The Last Martyr’s debut EP, ‘Creatrix’ was released 26th April debuting at number 32 on the Australian iTunes rock charts and with over 20K streams on Spotify in it’s first few weeks. The EP received positive reviews, Wall of Sound declaring that The Last Martyr are “a band to take note of because they have the talent and the smarts to make driven songs that showcase and highlight their strengths. These songs are quality and it’s hard to believe that this is only their first EP. You’re going to want to listen to Creatrix so when these guys start taking off, you can say you were there from the beginning.”

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