Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Gallows Hymn (Washington State)

Here are some pictures of the Bellingham, Washington State band Gallows Hymn. They played in Arlington on the 28th of July, 2019. They are pagan extreme metal with lots of melodic passages and very percussive drumming and they call themselves "progressive folk metal." Fans of Viking- and pagan-themed bands would be correct to consider this band one of their own. The night in Arlington they showed that melody and atmosphere are very important to the music. The melodies might recall epic metal, but they might also have a bit of 1970s progressive rock and even a bit of psychedelic rock, too, depending on the knowledge of the listener. At any rate, they pleased the people watching in Arlington. One particular thing this observer noticed was the awesome cymbal work on the part of the drummer. From the looks of it, the drummer has thought about how to be creative with the drums and finding beats that enhance the songs. On this particular night the vocals were not cutting through the sound very well. Regardless, the screamer performed with abandon and confidence, and the rest of band turned in good work, too. They announced that they have an album coming up. Check the band out and make sure to hand those bags of cash over to them so that their plan to conquer can begin now. Today, Arlington, tomorrow, the world.

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