Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Chemical Dependency
Vic Records
1 May 2019
01 Chemical Dependency 4:04
02 Rest In Pieces 5:24
03 Preacher, Preacher 4:31
04 Suicide Pact 5:14
05 Product of the Past 4:03
06 Beer Bong 2:06
07 Killing Machine (live in Toronto 1989) 4:03
08 Rest in Pieces (live in Toronto 1989) 4:56
09 Product of the Past (live in Toronto 1989) 4:14
10 Beer Bong (live in Toronto 1989) 2:38
Atrophy is a U.S. thrash band from the state of Arizona. They formed in 1986 and in 1987 this recorded this demo. In 1988 Roadracer/Roadrunner Records released Socialized Hate and Violent by Nature in 1990, their last studio album. The band has had a very troubled history since then, with membership changes and all the normal issues, but they are currently active and they say that they are planning a new album, possibly for 2019. Their two albums were received well by the young thrash fans back when the releases came out. At that time the thrash fans often were loyal customers to particular record companies and would buy the albums without having heard the music at all. Friends' recommendations, reading album thanks lists for finding out about other bands, zine and magazine reviews and ads, other bands wearing your band's shirt at shows or in a picture in a publication, tape deck recorded copies of albums, and other such ways were methods of finding out about newer thrash bands, like Atrophy, following the footsteps of the earlier, first wave of U.S thrash bands. Atrophy was a promising band whose trajectory was cut short, although nowadays they seem to be playing shows since 2016 and have announced plans for a European tour.
This expanded version of the demo features live songs in Toronto, Canada, from the first tour that they did with Sacred Reich (Metal Blade Records), another rising thrash band at the time. As for the demo itself, it is a classic-style U.S. thrash recording by band that sounds very impressive, and it is not a mystery why Roadracer Records signed them and issued the 1988 debut album. The songs are tight, they sound fast, perfect for headbanging, and the band sounds very focused, very ready for bigger things. Coming out in the late part of 1980s, as was happening at the time, this band has no lyrics about the occult or things like that. The lyrics are a criticism against racist, sexist and ignorant attitudes; alcoholism, drug use, corrupt television evangelists and politicians, and those types of issues are the topics of Atrophy lyrics, as you can see just from the titles of the songs. Of course, many thrash bands often had a couple of humorous songs, and Atrophy also had one called "Beer Bong." This Vic Records version has "extensive liner notes" and old pictures from that time.

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