Thursday, July 11, 2019

NEWS: upcoming in August: PHOBIA

NEWS: The long-running angry obnoxious crude punk grind entity Phobia (California, USA) has not mellowed out (surprise, surprise!) and the sensitive ballads are not going to show up anytime soon. This anarchist noise began in 1990 and in 2019 this is still very unsuitable for the civilian general public to consume. Toxic, grimy and slimy, the grind has arrived. The music is as close as it gets to pure punk grind. No experimentation. No changes.
After some listening to the EP, this publication can report the following news about it. This is nothing but old-school blast, blast, blast grind with lyrics that are inappropriate in just about every situation, except a Phobia concert. The EP is another recording in the long list of Phobia grind recordings and they're simply delivering more of the same chaos that they are known for.
Below is the relevant official information regarding the band and EP. So far there seems to be only one song available for fans to hear. That song is available at the Bandcamp link below.
Generation Coward
Willowtip Records
9 August 2019
1.Cynic Bastard 02:19
2.Haters be Hating When Ya Living Good 00:07
3.Imbecile 00:59
4.Bonzo of Grind 00:09
5.Internet Tough Guy 01:47
6.Excretion 01:08
7.Cut Throat 01:24
8.PC Fascist **** Off 01:16
9.Aspiration Lost 01:12
10.Falsification 00:45
11.Miserable Awakening 01:25
12.To be Convinced 01:22
13.Condemned to Hell 01:44
OFFICIAL INFORMATION PROPAGANDA: Undisputed kings of the grindcore underworld, PHOBIA return with a devastating new track titled "Internet Tough Guy," taken from the band's upcoming 7th album Generation Coward. After nearly 30 years of grinding skulls into dust, PHOBIA are still as pissed-off and lethal as ever. Willowtip Records will release Generation Coward August 9 on CD, LP and digital. Formed in Orange County California in 1990, PHOBIA has been punishing ears with their murderous sociopolitical grinding noise assault for a full decade. Dealing out their savage combination of the energy and ideals of hardcore punk mixing it with the power and brutality of early grind, PHOBIA has shared the stage with a diverse mix of bands over the years such as CHAOS U.K., GRAVE, & NAPALM DEATH.

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