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NEWS: The Sickening

The Sickening
Sickness Unfold
release date: July 20th, 2015
Xtreem Music
Let’s keep it simple and direct: these Norwegians want one thing and one thing only: death metal of the brutal variety. Politically incorrect and immature, there’s no message of wisdom for anyone here; just extreme metal with the finesse and subtlety of a horror movie. This fine troupe of gentlemen and scholars includes in their ranks the drummer from Blood Red Throne, another name associated with ultra death metal. Track after track, piling it up, one after another of an anti-eclectic work made for those that are love-it-all 100% fanatics. Skeptics won’t want this band and this band won’t want the skeptics. You have two choices: join the mosh pit, form a mosh pit or stay in the mosh pit. That’s not two choices. That’s three. Make way for the zombies and the chainsaws. Listen at the link below.
- The Sickening was founded by guitarist Markspist (ex-Slagmark) & drummer Beist (ex-Slagmark, ex- Blood Red Throne).They got some other members to complete the band: Stig Hansen (Violated, ex-Slagmark), Hans Wik (Violated) & Ola Langli (Cleaver, ex-Panzerskrekk). But due to other commitments, this line-up did not stay alive. - Over the next few years, more dedication was put into this project and it was decided by Beist & Markspist that once again they wanted to make The Sickening into a full-time band.
- The band became a full quartet with the addition of Stjernestøv on vocals and Neeraj Kasbekar (ex-Slagmark) on bass. - They recorded their first demo "Soiled Rotten" at Concrete Studio with Espen “Dr. Rock” Pedersen (Chapter in Hate, ex-Breed). - They started playing gigs to promote the demo.
- The band did many gigs onwards, playing most major cities of Norway, supporting acts like Blood Tsunami, Mindgrinder & The Allseeing I, as well as festivals like Inferno Kick-off, Oslo Deathfest & Piggtrådfestivalen. - By end of the summer they recorded their debut album "Death Devastation Decay", also with Dr. Rock and had the album mastered by Dan Snawö (Katatonia, Bloodbath). - They had their first international gig in St. Petersburg, Russia, co-headlining the Petrogrind Festival. - Neeraj had to take a break from the band due to his studies and Olve Kroknes (Sodomy Club, ex- Slagmark) stepped in to handle the bass. - By end of the year, The Sickening signed a 2-record deal with Spanish label Xtreem Music.
- The band continued promoting their material and playing gigs all across Norway, including few mini-tours with Blood Red Throne & Sulphur. As well as a Finland tour with Inferia. - The debut album "Death Devastation Decay" was released through Xtreem Music.
- Completing his studies, Neeraj has returned to the ranks of The Sickening once again for the bass. - During June the band toured Germany & Croatia including the Deathfeast festival (Germany). - Soon after the tour, the band parted ways with Stjernestøv due to personal differences. - The bands original singer Stig has once again rejoined the ranks of The Sickening.
- During the summer, we decided to concentrate on composing songs for the next album, and thus only took part at 1 show, the Eisenwahn Festival in Germany. - In November we played Sweden & UK as part of "The Sign of Hell Tour" supporting Gorgoroth, Vader & Valkyrja.
- The band took an extensive break for every member to sort out things in their personal lives. - Did only one tour, supporting Vomitory on their Blastfest tour of Norway along with Byfrost and Blodspor.
- Due to some health issues, vocalist Stig had to part with the band. - Thus The Sickening has decided to stay as a 3-man group with Markspist taking over vocal duties. - From late autumn the band entered FX Arena to record their sophomore album "Sickness Unfold". - Taking a break in recording (partly due to holiday season), The Sickening did a one-off show in Trondheim with Irr and Cleaver to finish off the year.
- The band had an almost all year hiatus, as all members had to prioritize their private life, but when time, working with mixing the upcoming album.
- We were going to start of the year performing at the Blastfest in Bergen, Norway, but unfortunally had to cancel due to an injury caused to our frontman Markspist. - We have finished mixing the album (that started almost 2 years ago) this summer and released in through label Xtreem Music on July 20th. - Guitarist Andreas Bruheim (ex- No Dawn) has joined as the latest addition to the band in August.
"We are the Plaguebearers, await pestilence & destruction from our rotting corpses!"

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