Sunday, December 6, 2015

free metal music: Intervention

Intervention (UK)
release date: November 13th, 2015
This is a raw recording of heavy metal for the audiences that want to hear new heavy metal from the UK.
The band says that they are:
A blending of traditional and modern metal styles, with a strong focus on melody and punchy riffs. A three-piece, in which each member is at the forefront of the band's overall sound, Intervention mix a raw approach with elaborate songwriting, as they strive to create a unique style that challenges the conceptions and limitations that heavy metal is subject to. Intervention are a young band, hungry to play anywhere and for any reason, and prioritise their live performances over anything else, so do get in touch. Beyond that, the music does the talking.
The recording is:
1.Intervention 05:58
2.Fool's Mythology 05:53
3.Human Serving Machine 05:14
4.Smothering the Flames 05:05
5.Fade to Black (Metallica cover) 07:36
total time 29:46

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