Monday, December 14, 2015

NEWS: Abhorrent

release: 20 November 2015
Willowtip Records
Nonstop tech-death brutal sounds is the objective of the band. Below you can learn more about the band and its music. Below you will find the link to hear the album. The main thing you need to know is that this is for the total tech-death supporters. Find out for yourself below:
Intransigence is the ear-bludgeoning debut long player from San Antonio death metal squadron, ABHORRENT. The record boasts ten uncompromising tracks of ear-lacerating severity. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mike Garrison at Sound Crater Recording with guitar and bass reamps by Greg Tomao at The Tomato Farm Studio, Intransigence includes guest appearances by the Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder), Malcolm Pugh (Inferi, A Loathing Requiem), Antonio Ascencio (Serocs) and more!
Said No Clean Singing of the band's “A Lightness Of Mind” single featuring guest vocals by Matthew “Chalky” Chalk (Mephistopheles, ex-Psycroptic): “The title of the song may seem ironic — because the music is anything but light, and it’s unlikely to induce a feeling of lightness of mind. On the other hand, mental agility would certainly be a plus when you try to follow the head-spinning instrumental acrobatics of this band. The music moves at the pace of a cheetah and darts, dives, and ascends like a flight of swallows. It booms, squirms, jabs, rocks, and rends with razor-edged claws. It’s both nimble and neolithic, tangled and tortuous, somersaulting and sinister. Capped by barbarous vocals, the music is technically jaw-dropping (and produced in a way that you can fully appreciate each performer’s skill) yet as vicious as death metal should be. And perhaps most surprising of all, you may find that after this rocket ride is over, there was an eerie melody lurking within its labyrinthine windings all along that stays in your head.”
ABHORRENT — who feature within their ranks current and former members of Spawn Of Possession, Absurdist and The Faceless — was formed in 2007 by guitarist Marlon Friday and drummer Lyle Cooper. In 2009, a three-song demo was released before the band went on an indeterminate hiatus while members focused on other projects. In 2014, vocalist Nick Brown and bassist Erlend Caspersen joined and the band entered Sound Crater Recording to record their Intransigence debut. Boasting a wealth of riff-variations and athletic rhythmic assaults, Intransigence is like the unprincipled, violent force of nature, realizing itself through pure will and power.

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