Thursday, December 10, 2015

free demo: Prophecy Of Apocalypse

Prophecy Of Apocalypse
Prophecy (demo)
release date: 2014
This is a traditional, high-energy heavy metal band from France. They have a free demo. It's guitar-driven fast metal. Here is a bit of additional information from the band.
Since January 2012, Prophecy has a line-up consisting of five musicians - Antoine and Laurent (guitars), Jeremy (Vocals), Camille (bass) and Michael (Drums) - motivated and passionate, hoping well get a place in the metal world! After recording a demo eponymous first release in 2014, the group saw a blow with the departure of Michael, leaving the orphaned rhythmic base. Fortunately, the same year, Baptiste joined the adventure as a drummer to give new life to the group. With this line-up full of energy and creativity, Prophecy is ready to do battle with the metal scene! In 2015, Prophecy becomes Prophecy Of Apocalypse (or Prophecy OA) mostly for legal reasons.
1.Searching for Light 04:52
2.God Killers 05:41
3.Last Hope 07:30
4.Tyranny 05:38
5.The Age of Gods 10:07
total time 33:48

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