Sunday, December 20, 2015

NEWS: Jameson Raid

Jameson Raid
Uninvited Guests
release: 1st July 2015
Are there any more old New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands that people have not heard yet? Well, here’s Jameson Raid, just in case you have not. This is traditional heavy metal. Find out more by reading the history of the band.
Jameson Raid is a band with a historic name taken from an incident in the Transvaal at the turn of 1895/96, the band can originally be dated back to 1975, with Terry Dark joining a year later & Pete Green shortly after that.
Jameson Raid released their first record, the “Seven Days of Splendour” EP in February 1979. “The combination of influences which had given birth to the band’s overall sound was quite difficult to pin down (“Seven Days Of Splendour”, “It’s A Crime” and “Catcher In The Rye”) said Macmillan faced with a conundrum in terms of an inability to categorise the band’s sound. Described in The International Encyclopaedia of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal as, “Cult heroes for the Midland rock circuit… Their music is a poppy form of heavy metal…”The EP was well received and, as Martin Popoff pointed out, showcased, “a masterful bit of song writing throughout these three tracks…” This was affirmed when Classic Rock added Catcher in the Rye to their cover-mount CD of Festival Anthems in The USA in 2011, and again when Germany’s ‘RockHard’ magazine voted 7 Days of Splendour into its top 250 Best Metal songs of all time in 2012. Today the band’s unique sound still stands out from the rest.
The Raid supported Judas Priest & Def Leppard at West Midland venues & built up a healthy reputation as a great live act; a reputation which continues today with the new line-up. After the bands reunion in 2010, John Ace, Ian Smith & Phil Kimberely returned to their day jobs. JR played the Download festival in June 2011 with a stand in bass player before Peter Green, their bass player from 1980 to 1983, re-joined in June 2011. Kalli Kaldschmidt and Andreas ‘Neudi’ Neuderth from the band Roxxcaliber joined the band but In August 2013 drummer Lars Wickett was recruited due to Neudi’s live gig commitments with Manilla Road, and Dave Rothan replaced Kalli K on lead guitar……. All four guys in the new line-up, Dave, Lars, Pete & Terry, have been working on songs for, amazingly, Jameson Raid’s first full length CD with all new songs, which is due at the end of 2014.
Jameson Raid remains active particularly at European festivals. As well as Download they have more recently played the Keep it True Festival in Germany & Hard Rock Hell in the UK. Plus headlining Meesterlijk Metal festivals in Holland. The new line-up has had heart-warming reviews for its new music & performances, reviewers, journalists and CEO’s reaching for superlatives, like, “Immense”….”The best Jameson Raid I’ve ever heard,”…”This IS metal,” “Very sellable,”etc…
Looks like Jameson Raid is coming around again……..

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