Monday, September 21, 2015

Winter Blood

Winter Blood
I cannot give you much information about black metal entity Winter Blood, besides this: a multigenre black metal band from Harrisonburg, Virginia, U.S., as it says on Bandcamp. On Facebook it says, “folk melodic classical black metal.” I would say that “traditional black metal” pretty much describes the music.
The free recording (I checked last on September 21, 2015) is called "Frost from Ashes" and it is the following songs:
1.Forest of Ashes 03:32
2.Enthroned 06:43
3.Seputus 06:43
4.Solitary Reaper 07:13
5.Revenant Diabolic 06:17
6.Enslaved 09:20
7.Red Pagan Moon 04:22
total time 44:10
Facebook lists:
Manothanas - lead guitar & vocals
Mordaine - rhythm guitar & vocals
Mahimus - drums
Gnarloc (…) – bass
Regardless of the lack of information, I think that the recording has so many positive elements: the symphonic vibe, the songwriting, the riffs and the melodies. What a strong showing this is for Winter Blood. The musician(s) has a very strong sense for writing songs that make an impression. Especially, if you want to hear black metal that stays with you, in your mind. The guitar work is crafted well, and there’s a certain skill and maturity that you can hear. I don’t know anything about Winter Blood’s personnel, so I cannot comment or reveal much on that score. I’m going just by the music. Basically, this is black metal in the style of the 1990s. You might here some elements of Emperor or Dissection here and there, depending on your opinion. Winter Blood has that “it” factor that I am looking for: the songs. Of course, the recording is not a big budget production. If you want it louder, you just turn up the volume! Good job, Winter Blood, whoever or wherever “they” are. Recommended for those searching for new black metal in the traditional forms. Go here:

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