Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Mangog (U.S.): Daydreams within Nightmares
Mangog is a new band that plays classic-style Sabbath/Zeppelin/blues heavy rock doom. It’s a new band formed in 2014 and there are only three songs so far on Bandcamp, but there is a lot more than meets the eye to Mangog.
The band is:
Myke Wells: vocals
Bert Hall, Jr.: guitars, vocals
Darby Cox: bass
Mike Rix: drums
Bert Hall is the same person associated with the long-running band Revelation and Mike Rix is a former member of doomsters Iron Man. Metal Archives says that Bert joined doomsters Revelation in 1988. Revelation (Maryland, U.S.) early in its career was on Rise Above Records, Napalm Death/Cathedral vocalist Lee Dorrian’s record label, such as for the wonderful cult doom album “Salvation’s Answer” (1991). Bert does a bunch of other music endeavors, of course, such as Against Nature. Mike Rix has a long list of music bands, too, but doomsters will recognize the name Iron Man the most, perhaps.
As you can see, these are veterans of music, metal and doom. About the new music: the EP is an impressive illustration of doom that listeners into 70s Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and other 70s heavy rock acts will understand. Listeners into Witchfinder General, Candlemass, Trouble, Pentagram, Count Raven, Saint Vitus, and Pagan Altar should put Mangog on their list of classic-style doom bands to research.
This three-song 17-minute EP serves as an excellent introduction to the band. I may have given you the incorrect impression that perhaps Mangog might sound like this or that band. Rest assured that this is not the case, in my opinion. To me, the main vocalist Myke Wells sounds only like Myke Wells and there is a vibe about his voice that makes Mangog sound genuine and different. Mangog interprets doom, 70s heavy rock blues and metal in a way that, in my view, sounds fresh to the ears.
You can go to the Bandcamp page and listen to the full recording. If you have an interest in hearing rock/blues-based traditional doom, I hope that you give it a listen. Don’t take my word for it, either. Go to Bandcamp and listen for yourself. Personally, I’m excited to hear more music. I like where this band is going.
Ab Intra by Mangog

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