Friday, September 11, 2015

Lucifer's Child - Lucifer's Child (Official Video)


  • Lucifer's Child is an unholy creation of George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ, ex­Chaostar) and Stathis Ridis (Nightfall) based in Athens, Greece and formed in 2013.

    Their music serves a spiritual introduction to the atmospheric world of wiccan’s summoning. Pulsating the energy of ritualistic lyrics and the horrifying electrism of black music LCFR create a unity between the sound and the spiritual idea that each creation serves to the listeners.

    The Recordings of "The Wiccan" record took place in Athens, Greece during summer of 2014 delivering 8 blasphemed seeds at their most horrifying metal sound.

    In March 2015 were contracted to a Norway based record label called Dark Essence Records, who swore to spread their musical infection worldwide via Compact Disks, Vinyl Records and Digital Downloads.

    In time, this unholy alliance will communicate you through any of the known media for becoming a LCFR's summoner yourself through Live Rituals and by purchasing sacred objects of Wiccan’s kit.
Marios Dupont - Vocals
George Emmanuel - Guitars
Stathis Ridis - Bass
Nick Vell - Drums

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