Friday, September 4, 2015

free recording of black metal: Oblitus

“Shattered Shape” is the name of the free recording by Oblitus, black metal from Adelaide, Australia. Oblitus works with the sound of traditional black metal, including the vocals, the riffing and the sound. While it is true that today (and certainly in the U.S., bands are mixing hardcore with black metal and many bands are doing “post”/noise/experimental sounds) traditional black metal seems harder to find, these Australians represent the more natural, less computerized sounds. The recording lasts about 20 minutes (it has some interludes, in addition to the songs), and it’s a strong showing for the band, in my opinion. They formed in 2014, according to Metal Archives, but there must be more of a history to the members’ past because Oblitus does not sound like an inexperienced group messing around in the garage, which is what I would expect for a band formed in 2014. If you have an interest in traditional black metal, and you would like to hear a new band from Adelaide, Australia interpreting the genre in 2015, go the Bandcamp page and listen to music, and get in contact with the band. Bands appreciate it when you let them know that you downloaded their music.
The band is:
Anya Vassilieva: guitars
Levi Siegmann: bass and vocals
Craig: drums
After the above was written, the band wrote back in response: “Craig the drummer has been in tons of punk and punk influenced bands throughout Adelaide for years now. And I've been working in the music field for a long time throughout projects such as Betray the Oracle (funeral doom), Pain is a Naroctic (DSBM), happiness and something psychotic (experimental noise etc.) as well as a few other projects. Anya however has not played in any bands outside of Oblitus. Just to give you some idea of the member background for the blog post.”

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