Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tygerrs Lair (from Washington state, U.S.)

Tygerrs Lair
On the ReverbNation site the band says that they sound like “Bullet for My Valentine, All That Remains, Kiss, Metallica, Dream Theater.” I have heard the songs on ReverbNation, and from the sounds of it, I would say that they play modern metal, with some traits of more traditional metal, like melodic singing and soloing. The singer Tygerr sings the melodic, more traditional style, while the songs get backup with more aggro screaming in the background, a bit of gang shouts.
Online the band says that they are preparing their debut full-length album “De-Volution” for the fall of 2015. The band’s contemporary, modern metal should appeal to a wide range of the metal public because they put effort into making catchy songs, and the combination of aggro/melody.
On the band’s website there is an interesting history of the band. The bio states that the singer “Tygerr has also played in several bands some of which opened for acts such as Alice Cooper, David Lee Roth and Stryper in the 80’s.” The bio continues: “In 1996, Las Vegas sensation Tygerrs Lair was formed with Tygerr and Richie Scarlet, from the Ace Frehley band. They were based in Las Vegas where they recorded our 6-song demo that garnered the immediate attention of Sony Records.” However, according to the bio, very serious health problems prevented that incarnation of the band to come to full fruition at the time. Later on, Tygerr, now in Seattle, begins the band again in 2007. The bio lists the band’s accomplishments thus far, and states they are working on an album that will be out soon. For more information, check out the pages below. The band lists Seattle as its hometown and the Facebook page says the current members of the band are:
Cody Nash--Guitars/ Vocals
Max Jordan--Drums
Nick Smith--Guitars

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