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Satan (U.K.): Atom by Atom (Listenable Records)
Satan is a cult legendary name amongst the fanatics of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Unfortunately, Satan has had a bunch of name changes: from Satan to Blind Fury, then back to Satan, then changed it to Pariah. After Pariah ended, Satan’s Graeme English (bass) and Steve Ramsey (guitars) formed folk metal founding fathers Skyclad with vocalist Martin Walkyier (from U.K. thrashers Sabbat). Despite all these details, the discography of Satan-related bands is out of this world. To show you that this is not an exaggeration, look at this discography.
The First Demo Demo 1981
Into the Fire Demo 1982
Kiss of Death Single 1982
Court in the Act Full-length 1983
Dirt Demo '86 Demo 1986
Into the Future EP 1986
Suspended Sentence Full-length 1987
Live in the Act Live album 2004
Into the Fire / Kiss of Death Compilation 2011
The Early Demos Compilation 2011
Life Sentence Full-length 2013
Trail of Fire: Live in North America 2014
Atom by Atom Full-length 2015
Demo '84 Demo 1984
Out of Reach Full-length 1985
The Kindred Full-length 1988
Blaze of Obscurity Full-length 1989
Unity Full-length 1997
Lemming Project / Skyclad Split 1991
The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth 1991
Tracks from the Wilderness EP 1992
A Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol 1992
Thinking Allowed? Single 1993
Jonah's Ark Full-length 1993
Melodic Metal Strikes Back Split 1993
Prince of the Poverty Line Full-length 1994
The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea 1995
Irrational Anthems Full-length 1996 5
Oui Avant-garde á Chance Full-length 1996
Old Rope Compilation 1997
The Answer Machine? Full-length 1997
Outrageous Fourtunes EP 1998
Vintage Whine Full-length 1999
Massacre's Classix Shape Edition 1999
Folkémon Full-length 2000
Poetic Wisdom Compilation 2001
Another Fine Mess Live album 2001
Swords of a Thousand Men Single 2001
History Lessens: An Introduction to the Artist 2002
No Daylights nor Heeltaps Full-length 2002
Live at the Dynamo Live album 2002
A Semblance of Normality Full-length 2004
Platinum Edition Boxed set 2004
Jig-a-Jig EP 2006
In the... All Together Full-length 2009
Let me put it to you this way. According to Metal Archives, Graeme English (bass) and Steve Ramsey (guitars) have worked on all of the above recordings.
I have many of those recordings, but, I do not actually own all of the above titles, not even close. Having said all that, the important news is that Satan has a new album. The current lineup is:
Steve Ramsey guitars (1979-1984, 1985-1988, 2004, 2011-present) (Skyclad, ex-Blind Fury, ex-Pariah)
Russ Tippins guitars (1979-1984, 1985-1988, 2004, 2011-present) (ex-Blind Fury, ex-Pariah, The Russ Tippins Electric Band, ex-Tysondog)
Graeme English bass (1980-1984, 1985-1988, 2004, 2011-present) (Skyclad, ex-Blind Fury, ex-Pariah)
Sean Taylor drums (1983-1984, 1985-1988, 2011-present) (ex-Blind Fury, ex-Blitzkrieg, ex-Raven, ex-Warrior, ex-Pariah)
Brian Ross vocals (1983-1984, 2004, 2011-present) (Blitzkrieg, ex-Lone Wolf, ex-Avenger, ex-Anvil, ex-Kashmir)
Satan is known for a particular sound. Essentially, before thrash/speed metal became a thing, a genre, there were bands playing fast heavy metal. Satan is one of those bands. The band is also known for a tendency to write songs that sound like classic metal. Thus, it is no surprise that at this point in the history of this band and these musicians, it’s all killer, no filler, quality heavy metal. Highly recommended for those into classic heavy metal and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

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