Monday, September 7, 2015

NEWS: Wilderness Dream

Below you can find out more about Wilderness Dream (U.S.) and you can a hear a song below.
From the press release:
"Creator-Destructor Records will release the self-titled debut EP by California Thrash Metal/Crossover crushers, WILDERNESS DREAM, this October.
Born from the thrash epicenter of the San Francisco Bay Area comes WILDERNESS DREAM, a brand new, four-piece, heavy metal unit of destruction combining the speed and fury of 80s thrash and 90s death metal, with the melodic leanings and no-frills DIY aesthetic of modern day punk. Though boasting this unique amalgamation of influences, it comes as no surprise that the band would dawn both the melody-infused underpinnings and unrelenting intensity of the members' current and past projects.
WILDERNESS DREAM consists of guitarists/vocalists Ben Murray and Ryan Hansen, drummer Trey Derbes and bassist Bret Fontaine. Murray is the current frontman of Heartsounds, and former drummer of now defunct Prosthetic Record-signed, Light This City, and Heartsounds drummer Trey Derbes provides the ripping percussive style, offering a natural, live, and completely unedited approach to the drum production. While Murray and Derbes began writing what would become the band’s debut release throughout the past few years, it become an entity of its own until Ryan Hansen entered the fold supplying second guitar and vocals, followed by Bret Fontaine joining in on bass guitar. Hansen and Murray share a musical history as well, as Hansen played lead guitar in Light This City, which contributes to the cohesive musical vision and camaraderie of what has now become WILDERNESS DREAM."
The self-titled EP is:
Death Delusion
Alive in the Dark
Kept Under
Wilderness Dream- Firebreather

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