Saturday, May 3, 2014

"Where can I read an issue of Metal Bulletin Zine?"

The new issue of Metal Bulletin Zine: number 43 is available to read and download.
power metal: Astral Domine (Italy)
traditional heavy metal: Lucifer’s Hammer (Chile)
thrash: Tabahi (Pakistan)
doom: Obelyskkh (Germany)
A section of death metal bands that could be interesting to those into death metal:
DEATH METAL Blasphemyth (Morocco/Switzerland), Humiliation (Malaysia), The Kennedy Veil (U.S.), Near Death Condition (Switzerland), Obscure Infinity (Germany), Otargos (France), Warfather (Holland/Brazil/U.S.), Warmaster (Holland)
Some interesting reissues of albums from the 80s.
BACK TO THE FUTURE Manilla Road (U.S.), Revelation (U.S.), Sarcófago (Brazil), “Warfare Noise” (Brazil)

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