Saturday, May 10, 2014

I caught a bad flu (part 3): Are you ready for something unbelievable??: FREE albums of rough "instrumental black metal" from Croatia: Vanja Gvozdanović

This flu makes me think that I am imagining things. I don't believe this stuff, I have to double check, and see what the deal is.
For instance, there is this person named Vanja Gvozdanović that seems to do these rough solo albums of "instrumental black metal," but it is the sheer volume of what Vanja has done that seems unlikely, yet this is all in Metal Archives, so it is more than just rumors, and then on Bandcamp there are free albums as evidence, too.
Can you imagine just how motivated this individual must be?! You don't just start doing this stuff because you're bored, do you?
Take a look at this:
First, the project was called Depressor.
Empty Full-length 2008
Decisions... Full-length 2009
Chernobyl NPP Disaster Part I Full-length 2009
Everlasting Search Full-length 2010
Then, it is as Vanja.
So It Begins... Full-length 2011
Fading Full-length 2012
Songs of Love and Heartbreak Full-length 2013
Waiting for the Day Full-length 2013
17022012 Full-length 2013
Gone Back Full-length 2013
Solitude Full-length 2014
You see now? Do you believe it? What do you think?
I have been listening to this and I am still processing it. If you are at all interested in one-person musical projects, then you might as well start here, too. Here are the links. Below are some pictures. As you can also see in that last picture, this man here Vanja is one very weird dude. Why would you wear that shirt and then take a picture of it and show it to the world. Oh wait, I get it, the same production values apply to his musical project, maybe?ć-Depressor-Official/117982511642673

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