Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MIND: Third Album From German/Polish Crust Punk Outfit Out Now On Selfmadegod

Save Yourself From Hell, the third full-length from crust punk crew, MIND, is out now via Selfmadegod Records.
owing over a decade of silence from the multinational Polish/German duo, MIND returns stronger than ever with their massive their third album, Save Yourself From Hell. Crushing all in its path with eight enraged new furious punk/crust tracks in the vein of Doom, Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt and early Toxic Bonkers, Save Yourself From Hell is a killer, modern take on a classic and influential genre. The album also includes iconic guest appearances by UK crust/grind vocalists Dean Jones of Extreme Noise Terror and Denis Boardman of Doom.
Save Yourself From Hell is now streaming in its riotous entirety at Bandcamp now at

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