Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Drip (Richland, Washington state): A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (Relapse Records)

The Drip (Richland, Washington state): A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (Relapse Records)
There’s more to Washington than certain bands that are famous for spitting on each other on stage, in far, far away places like Brazil. You know what they say, go to Brazil to spit on each other and become in-famous; and in-famous is when you are more than famous, as the Three Amigos like to say.
As a Washington band, The Drip deserves more coverage because in addition to not being famous for assaulting each other, The Drip is also not famous for committing suicide. In fact, of the four people in The Drip, not one of them has ever committed suicide successfully.
Now, listen kids, this grandma has a little story to tell you about The Drip. These blokes are bastards. That’s why they play grind. They have dreadlocks and they wear flannel. They have to wear flannel because over here in Washington we are all loggers and hobos; and we like grind. Even this little old grandma likes grind.
Watch out, whippersnappers, The Drip’s EP is the bees knees of grind. The only thing that has this grandma angry is the fact that the EP is 6 songs. Like, seriously, The Drip, what the heck is it with you guys? Why are you so stingy? Now get back in the studio and rampage! Argh…rampage, rampage, I say!
My husband died a long time ago and my children don’t call me anymore. They think that the elderly don’t have important things in life. You see, I did not raise them to be jerks, but that’s what they are. Don’t be like them, don’t be an ageist jerk.
That’s ok, though. I won’t get mad. I got rock and roll to save me from the cold, as that in-famous bastard Lemmy keeps saying. Whether you are in Richland or in northern Tokyo or in southern Tokyo, and you are mad, mad, mad into Nasum, Insect Warfare or the local grind band in your town, and you want more grind, then The Drip is for you. OK, kids, I have to jet now. I have to go find out about the other two EPs that this band has. This is their third, actually, so I’ve got some work to do today.

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