Wednesday, May 14, 2014

black metal Lysura from Indiana, U.S.

Hailing from the heart of the Midwest, Lysura crafts a strain of black metal that blends many other genres while still remaining true to its roots. Technical, melodic harmonies merge with stark, brooding, and organic undertones. Tempos vary from chaotically fast to slow and lumbering, and song structures are closer to movements than the predictable formula of verse, chorus, repeat. Songs focus on stories of loss, depression, irreverence, and paint scenes of humanity's narcissistic obsessions and hunger for self destruction.
The band premiered with the release of the EP "Malignancy" in 2012. After a small migration to Indianapolis and changes to the line-up, they released the demo "Irreverence" in 2013 and recently released a new EP titled "II" this year. "II" will be released as a cassette by Fragile Branch Records, as well as other formats directly through the band. They plan on releasing their first full length record sometime in early 2015.
Lysura is a national touring act, and have a reputation for taking audiences on an engrossing journey with their live performances. After a long string of shows through the Midwest and east coast this spring, they plan to head south later this year, and to the west coast following the release of their full-length album early next year. With a technically precise yet emotional live set, a Lysura show brings to life something that stands out from the average metal fare.

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