Friday, July 5, 2019


Le gouffre
October 15th, 2018
Woest is industrial extreme metal in the French language. The guitars are black metal, so is the drum programming when it goes into blasting mode. The vocals are to a considerable degree black metal. However, the band is not interested in being traditional black metal.
What they seek is, perhaps, some way to approach the sounds of dystopia through black metal infused with various forms of hard electronic music, thereby making an unusual union of two extreme genres with separate demographics. A more qualified assessment of the electronic side would have to be done by more knowledgeable people, but even to this reviewer it is obvious that electronic music forms are fundamental, regardless of whether it is called hardcore techno, rave, trance, house or something to denote a specific subgenre or regional sound, given the existence of dozens upon dozens of names ranging from brostep to glitch and so many others.
The objective is to find disturbing, fast and heavy aural vehicles for a soundtrack to herald the arrival of the mechanical self-configuration of modular lifeforms where the machines unleash their power against the human creators. Ok, that. Or, a soundtrack for the crumbling future in which the desperation and violence can be heard in the wailing, screaming, screeching and the chanting of this French band’s vocals, and the industrial/metal barrage of the instrumentation. Roger that. Or, maybe it is the sinister priests of the cyberspace dominion of the self-regulating robot liberation showdown of the post-nuclear wasteland dunes. All of these scenarios are ideal locations for the more adventurous fans of extreme music dystopias.

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