Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Black Moriah

The Black Moriah
Road Agents of the Blast Furnace
March 29th, 2019
Metal Archives, correctly or not, shows that ten years ago was the beginning of TBM (Texas, U.S.). In 2012 the first album Casket Prospects was issued, and now in 2019 here is the second one. The TMB is skilled, tight, fast black thrash, focused on a one-mission sound. They are not multitaskers trying to show that they can play every genre know to humanity. The guitars are fast thrash and it is within that framework that they let loose a barrage of headbanging riffs that make people drive fast, mosh or run away in horror at the speed.
Fans of black thrash are the primary audience, and it is they who will find it the most interesting. Another possible audience is thrashers who seek headbanging metal without distractions, without prog, and without melodies. Anyone who wants meat-and-potatoes fast extreme metal might be a potential customer. Fans of old-school thrash-based black metal are another probable demographic that is going to enjoy this album. Expect fast music, with no experimentation and no attempts at anything other than what has been advertised. Expect no attempts to give you catchy hooks. It’s fast thrash and black metal riffs and the vocals are black metal. Die-hard fans of fast thrashing will not have feelings hurt when they hear this one. No sad, no crying, no polka, just thrash, friends, thrashing all the way.

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