Wednesday, July 10, 2019


NEWS: The Seattle "mesozoic death metal" of the "flesh-eating bull" has returned once again in 2019. Raw and brutal as always, Carnotaurus is the archenemy of Ferdinand and all his friends. It sounds like this Washingtonian band is no friend of computerized drums and robotized metal music because this recording is as real as if the listener were right in front of them when they play at the Substation in Seattle or anywhere else in Seattle that will have them bring their brutal extreme metal. The entire recording is available now at the first link below. Tell Ferdinand to stay away from this bull!
Wrath of the Flesh Eating Bull
July 5th, 2019
1.Wrath of the Flesh Eating Bull 06:49
2.Ankylosaur Combat 04:06
3.Spiked Thumbs to the Throat 04:21
Biography: Carnotaurus began in 2005 as a one man metal project spearheaded by guitarist/vocalist Travirus Hellton AKA Travis the Virus. In 2010 he released the EP A Taste of the Carnage to Come, playing all the instruments except for drums, which he programmed. In the fall of 2011 he recruited drummer Brad Navratil, formerly of Shroud of Desolation, and began playing live shows around the Seattle area. With the release of their latest EP Wrath of the Flesh Eating Bull and the edition of new bassist Kris Novak, Carnotaurus are gearing up to once again unleash their brand of Mesozoic Death Metal upon the metal masses of the Pacific Northwest!

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