Tuesday, July 2, 2019


High Roller Records
12 July 2019
These good-time party heavy metal Canadian rockers dedicate themselves to the ageless art of uptempo (no-ballad, no-slow), riff-based guitars, soloing, playing as if they were at a stage in a stadium filled with bulletbelt-denim-leather-and-spikes crowds who want the energy of the giants of rock and roll. Gives us no slow rock, and gives us no ballads and just keep rocking, essentially, is the belief uniting every participant. The drummer will not suffer any fools telling him that he needs to slow down and play with more “feeling” or whatever else slowpokes like say when they cannot handle playing uptempo for party rocking energized for the duration of all the rounds of this heavy metal bout. Another protagonist is the high-note air raid siren singing for all the world longing for new heroes to step forward and show everyone how it is done in 2019. Come along and jump onboard if you want headbanging classic-rock guitar-heroic traditional heavy metal. They do not waste your time. The album is 31 minutes of no-distractions rocking efficiency. “Full throttle” is the name of the album and the name of this game.

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