Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Traditional heavy metal band Starblind (Sweden) has a video from its recently-released album. Below is the press release information and the band information, as well as the video.
Following the brand new signing of STARBLIND with Pure Steel Records in March 2015, STARBLINDS sophomore album "Dying Son" is soon to be unleashed upon the world, following up their album debut "Darkest Horrors" from 2014. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden; STARBLIND are here to deliver traditional Heavy Metal as if time had stood still since 1984.
Their music can be described as catchy Heavy Metal with majestic twin guitar leads, pumping bass guitar, dynamic drums and melodic, powerful vocals. No attempts has been done to hide the influences when writing the material to "Dying Son". And it stands clear that the metal giants from Great Britain are the main ones. "Dying Son" contains everything from fast songs like "The Lighthouse" and "A Dying Son", to mid-tempo "Firestone" and "Sacrifice", to the 11 ½ ¬minute opus "The Land of Seven Rivers Beyond the Sea".
STARBLINDs sophomore album "Dying Son" have been recorded live in the studio and is produced by Rocka Rollas/Blazon Stone mastermind Cedrick Forsberg. Because of the philosophy of no guitar dubbing, no triggers and no metronome when recording, the album has a very authentic and organic feel. What you get on the album, is what you get live! To the fans of 80 ?s metal and of the "New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal", this is a record you cannot miss!
Mike Stark – vocals
Daniel Tillberg – bass
Zakarias Wikner – drums
Björn Rosenblad – lead guitars
Johan Jonasson – lead guitars
Starblind's critically aclaimed album debut "Darkest Horrors" was recorded during december 2013. It contained the bands first 9 tracks that was written right after the band was put together in the summer of 2013. The recording was done live in the studio to get the best possible sound as a unit together.
Starblinds sole purpose is to unleash heavy metal that pierces straight thru the heart and sounds like it used to back in glory days of the 80´s upon the world; a bit more raw, more melodic and more straight forward are key ingredients.
Some of the Starblind members have previously played in bands like Steel Attack, Danger and Sadauk to name a few.
STARBLIND "A Dying Son" - Official Music Video (PURE STEEL RECORDS)

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