Saturday, December 12, 2015

NEWS: Rose'n

Wake up
release: 30th October 2015
The information available, which is not very much, says that this German traditional heavy metal band formed 30 years ago, but this is their debut, apparently. They were supposedly active in the 80s. Anyway, the music is straight up late 70s/early 80s metal, songs that run the gamut from rockers to slower vibes, all pretty much like a New Wave of British Heavy Metal band for today. The album sounds perfect for people into cult and forgotten bands of old. The recording is a serious album, not a demo, so for people longing for bands that have been forgotten or ignored, this should be of interest. Maybe you can contact them and ask them to update their Facebook page so that people can find out more about them. What exactly is this “30 years history,” for instance? I will be listening to this album more for sure.
1 Flying
2 Table's Turned
3 Tonight
4 Take Me To The Top
5 Don't Rush Ones Fences
6 Decide It
7 My Immortal
8 Dreamer
9 Tales
10 Wake Up
total playtime: 42:43
vocals: Boris Proegler
lead guitars: Mike Wolf
guitars: Mike Vynnez
bass: Steven Nicks
drums: Ralf Taylor

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