Tuesday, December 22, 2015

NEWS: Eshtadur

Below is the new video by Eshtadur from Colombia. The information comes from the press release and also from the band's bio. Those interested in melodic extreme metal from Colombia would be the audience for this band. Check out the new video for yourself.
Colombian Melodic Death / Black Metal band ESHTADUR will release a new 5 track CD EP entitled "Oblivion" on December 1st through RebelSign. This will be ESHTADUR's first EP and fourth release overall.
Since their inception in 2005 ESHTADUR have been making and working with black melodic metal creations, dark melodies & tense environments. By adding harmonic scales & rough guitars with sticky phrases to a range of voices that have evolved their music to even harsher and stronger heights with each release to date. "Oblivion" is the follow up to ESHTADUR's 2013 full length album "Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me" which won two AMS Metal Awards (Best Album, Best Video Clip).
Eshtadur begins in the fall of 2005 with a demo, Timo Be Timo, sounds like At the gates, Ihsahn, Graveworm, Soilwork, Septic Flesh
EP 2007 - rebellion of angels
First album 2011 - Dominated by dummies
Second Album 2013- Stay Away from evil and get close to me
Fisrt video Clip 2013- Stay away from evil
second video clip 2014 - Burning Heart (tribute)
Awards of The band
- Best album - AMS METAL AWARDS radio show 2013
- Best video clip - AMS METAL AWARDS radio show 2013
Opening and supporting shows (tours)
Cradle of Filth, Vader, Graveworm, Coldblood, Abbadon Incarnate & more shows over Colombia, Peru, Mexico and distro over Latin America, USA and UK
ESHTADUR - In A Trance With Darkness (Official video)

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