Saturday, December 26, 2015

NEWS: Endless Recovery

NEWS:Endless Recovery
Revel in Demise
release: December 24th, 2015
Witches Brew
Endless Recovery is a Thrash Metal band from Athens, which was formed back to February 2011. In the first steps of the band, there were a dozen of lives playing some covers and new material.
Until March 2012, when Endless Recovery released a 5track EP, called “Liar Priest”. It was recorded in band’s home studio by Grigoris Serelis ( ex. Guitarist), mixed & mastered by Nikos Papakostas at Entasis Studio.
The band performed some gigs as a support to Convixion (GR) and Deceptor (UK), Mentally Defiled (GR) and Astrarot (GR) to promote its EP, which has been sold out and counts over 500 online free downloads worldwide.
In February 2013 the band entered Entasis Studio to record its debut album, called “Thrash Rider”, an album of primitive thrash with caustic lyrics against the political system and all the odds that the reality of the capital have forced us to live under.
In 2014 they released the EP "Resistant Bangers."
Right now,they are sharpening their axes to unleash their thrashing might with their second full length album due in late 2015 by Witches Brew.

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