Monday, December 14, 2015

NEWS: Canyon of the Skull

Canyon of the Skull
Canyon of the Skull
release: 30 October 2015
Deep in the heart of Texas, there is instrumental doom sludge in which the music does the talking and no human voice is heard to irritate you. It’s just you and the music. It’s a different experience: no yelling, no screaming. Some people say, “Shut up and play!” Well, that’s what this band does! This is what you will get:
1.The Path (of Bear and Wolf) 17:18
2.Canyon of the Skull 18:03
total time 35:21
This band is from Austin, Texas, which is a little village surrounded by desert on all sides, and no trees to be found for miles and miles. The few people that live there (maybe about 250 or 300 people, at most) like to sit on their porches and stare into the desert and they listen to this band (and also to ZZ Top) and just listen for hours and hours. This is exactly (exactly!) how life is in Austin, Texas. Blackie Lawless was right.
To find out more about this instrumental doom sludge band, read this information and don’t forget to drink some water:
Austin, Texas' CANYON OF THE SKULL will release its debut album on October 30, 2015. Two epic tracks of Instrumental Blackened Doom guaranteed to permanently damage ears and melt minds.
Above, stars permeated the blackest night known only by the towering walls of stone in all directions, creating shadow never touched by the pale moon. Below, stillness echoed in anguished and boundless horror across the desert floor. The towering pines of the Basin are weeks away, the seed of desperation now the only shade and refuge. Recall the advice sought before journey, the coyotes' voice coldly bestowing your one true fate:
And so in great and endless time it stands, this, The Canyon of the Skull.
The brainchild of Erik Ogershok, COTS was initially manifested in the winter of 2006. Several local appearances and line up fluctuations later, life happened, and the project laid dormant. 2014 saw the return of Ogershok as he recruited new musical personnel in the form of drummer Adrian Voorhies & bassist Alex Davis, both of the Austin based Black Metal outfit Humut Tabal and once more brought the doom trio to life to melt the faces of all who sought shade in the Canyon walls.
After numerous regional gigs both opening for touring colleagues & spearheading an array of craft beer events & festival slots (including two SXSW appearances), the band closed the year with a blistering performance at the End of the World Fest in Houston along side Austin brethren The Sword and Eagle Claw. 2015 saw the creation of the bands first recording, a two track monolith of doom metal spanning 38 minutes, recorded at Wooden Horse Studios in Dallas & mastered by none other than Proscriptor McGovern of the mighty Texas mythological metal gods Absu. Now, as the band prepares to hit the road in October for their first regional tour of the country, only one message can truly be counted on: Abandon All Hope!

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