Friday, December 11, 2015

free black metal recording: Sabbatic Round

Sabbatic Round (USA)
release: August 24th, 2015
I have just about zero information to give you about this black metal free album. Bandcamp and Metal Archives say that the location for this entity is the state of Missouri, U.S.
The music is traditional black metal. I think that the vocals sound appealing to supporters of traditional black metal, and the overall vibe fits the genre well. It is antimodern metal of primal energies. As frenetic and necro as the music is, the songs are not just fast, but rather have individuality. This is also not a super raw garage demo recording, so that's a positive, too. It's a relatively clear recording, in the framework of the genre. One last thing, it appears that the last track is a song for the first several minutes, but after that it seems to be a time of silence.
1.Possessed by Darkness 04:51
2.Raging Hellfire 04:33
3.Blasphemy 05:11
4.My Stale, Grey Reflection 04:37
5.Written in Blood 03:53
6.The Gates of the Abyss 04:47
7.Eternal Damnation 03:58
8.Demonwitch 16:32
total time 48:22

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